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Stellar Transformations

Description In a galaxy far away, there is a child without the innate ability to practice inte [Reading]

Seven Killers

Author:Gu Long

Description Dragon 5th is a powerful lord with incredible martial arts, and yet is wasting awa [Reading]

Martial Peak


Description The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face o [Reading]

Dragon King with Seven Stars

Author:Gu Long

Description Wu Tao, a small mysterious trader, suddenly appears in the city of Jinan and encou [Reading]

Tales of Demons and Gods

Author:Mad Snail

Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at [Reading]

Coiling Dragon

Description Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimagina [Reading]

Martial World

Author:Cocooned Cow

Description In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After t [Reading]

Advent of the Archmage

Author:Mo Xiang

Description Link was the top Archmage in the entire server. He had just defeated the strongest [Reading]

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